What is OKEx ? How to Trade on OKEx ? OKEx Fee Structure ?

What is OKEx and How to Trade on OKEx? 

OKEx is a crypto exchange that was launched in 2021. You can trade SPOT, Futures Trade and Margin on OKEx. You can do Staking on OKEx and get Rewards by completing many tasks.

If you want to trade on OKEx then you have to follow these three steps.

  1. Create Account on OKEx: You can create your OKEx account by given link https://www.okex.com/join
  2. Verify your OKEx Account: You have to verify your account by providing your personal details. Your personal details may consist on ID card, Driving lenience or Passport
  3. Deposit Crypto Currency in Your OKEx Account: You can deposit only crypto currency in your OKEx account.

There are two types of Crypto Currencies:

  • Stable Crypto Currency (USDT, BUSDT, USDC, TUSD etc)
  • Fluctuated Crypto Currency ( BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, LTC, DOT, LINK etc)

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In this exchange you also get extra futures which you do not get in Binance. 

  • In OKEx you also get learning option which you don’t get in Binance.
  • In OKEx you also get Demo Account option which you don’t get in Binance.

How to Buy Crypto Currency in Pakistan from OKEx?

If you are new in crypto trading and you don’t have any crypto currency then you can buy crypto currency through your Master card or Visa card from OKEx. But, you can buy crypto currency with your Master Card or Visa card only in those countries which have law and regulation about crypto currency. You cannot buy crypto currency in Pakistan with your Master Card or Visa Card because there are no rules and laws about crypto currency in Pakistan.

P2P Deposit in OKEx:

If you want to do crypto trading in Pakistan then you have to use P2P option in OKEx. P2P means peer to peer you can simply say that buying from person to person. You have to choose P2P option from Wallet menu from OKEx. In P2P trading you have to transfer money in another person’s account that sends you crypto currency in your OKEx account. After buying crypto currency from P2P option you can start crypto trading with OKEx in Pakistan.

OKEx Demo Account:

If you are new to crypto trading and want to learn, OKEx is the best exchange for you. If you do not have money and you want to learn crypto then in OKEx you get Dummy Currency which is not real. But you can learn trading using this currency. Once you have learned to trade, you can invest your money do crypto trading and make a profit. OKEx is the best exchange for new users because those who do not know crypto trading can earn up to 100 satoshis a day by learning on OKEx.

OKEx Services in Pakistan and India:

The good thing for Pakistani and Indian customers is that OKEx’s Country Managers are present in these countries. Representatives of any of the other exchanges are not present in these countries. The OKEx exchange provides spots in Urdu and Hindi for Pakistani and Indian users. If you have any problem while trading or you want guidance, you can also get information in Urdu and Hindi. You can also contact OKEx representatives in Urdu and Hindi and solve your problem. OKEx also has Telegram Group in Pakistan and India. You can also get guidance by joining this group.

OKEx Fee Structure:

The best thing about OKEx is that OKEx’s trading fee is 20% lower than Binance.

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